Advanced Dispatch and Fleet Management System

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We offer a bespoke fleet management and dispatch system, that ties your back-office systems, on-board POS systems, and customer application into a single easy to manage ecosystem.

The system is developed and deployed with your business processes in mind, meaning it perfectly fits into your company’s workflow, all without requiring full cycle ground-up development process – it’s cost effective, quick-to-market, and built to suit your fleet.

A Cohesive Ecosystem

Back-Office Software

A highly customizable back-office and call center software to manage dispatching, invoicing, reporting, and fleet management.

Car & Driver System

In-car POS system to integrate the meter, payments, drive management, receipts, Bluetooth accessories, and driver tracking.

Customer Application

Android and iOS apps to enable the customer to order a ride from their phone, with an automated algorithmic car assignment.

Advanced Resource Management

The system drastically cuts the amount of manual labor – invoicing, reports, resource allocation, surge pricing, and order management is handled automatically in the cloud.

The Perfect Combination of
Custom Software and Quick-to-Market Platform

Having spent the time to develop the ecosystem for several high profile clients, our team has the know-how, the building blocks, and the expertise to build a deploy your dispatch and fleet management system in a fraction of the time it would take to build it from scratch. At the same time, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a fully custom-built system that meets the demands presented by your business’ processes, demands, and other information systems. 

Our Client's Experiences

Alexela uus isteteenindusrakendus annab kliendile võimaluse kiirelt ja mugavalt saada ühe äpi abil ülevaate kõigest, mis on tema jaoks oluline – Alexela teenustest, oma tehingutest ja senisest tarbimisest
ABB Drives tehas vajas oma tegevuse paremaks korraldamiseks tarkvara, millega juhtida töötajate oskuste ja koolituste haldust, arvestada töötunde, pidada arvestust kulude üle ning teha kvaliteedikontrolli raporteid. Selleks arendas Uptime tehasele neljast ärimoodulist koosneva lahenduse. Mõned moodulid olid äriloogiliselt üsna keerukad ning detailide paika loksutamine võttis aega, kuid tulemus sai hea.
Uptime arendas Infopangale uue back-end süsteemi, mis koosneb andmebaasist, andmeallikate liidestustest ning andmete käsitlemise loogikast. Samuti loodi andmehaldusmeeskonnale eraldi uus keskkond andmete valideerimiseks, parandamiseks ning täiendamiseks. Uptime’i poolt on juba varasemalt loodud ka veebileht.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve spent years developing the system for several leading mobility companies, as such we have all of the building blocks we need to build your bespoke system as well. Thanks to the fact that most of the works has already been completed, the process is times quicker and more cost-effective compared to the traditional development process, whilst still granting you all of the benefits of a fully custom built system.

Once you get in touch with us, our analysts and project managers map our your company’s individual needs and requirements, draft an analasys document and price estimate, and once everything is agreed upon, our development team gets to work and help to deploy the system once its completed.

It depends on your individual needs and requirements. A full time estimate can be given after the completion of the preliminary analasys. On average, the time between first contact and deployment is between 1-4 months.


Our team is happy to serve as your long term partner, helping out with maintenance, updates and upgrades, and any further developments down the line.

There is no fixed price for this system, as it comes down to your company’s individual requirements and the amount of time it takes our team to build these solutions. A price estimate will be given after the preliminary analasys.

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